Department of Electrical Engineering
           Indian Institute of Technology Indore                                   

Dr. Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay


Thesis/Project Supervision

I feel privileged to be the supervisor for the following students:

PhD Students

  1. Suneel Yadav, “Performance Evaluation and Optimization for Analog Network Coding with Spatial Diversity,” Jul. 23, 2012 - Feb. 29, 2016. [Assistant Professor at IIIT Allahabad]
  2. Pankaj K. Sharma, “Performance Analysis of Cooperative Cognitive Spectrum Sharing Systems over Fading Channels,” Jul. 22, 2013 - Feb. 16, 2017. Joined as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SungKyunKwan University (SKKU), Korea. Received prestigious "Brain Korea 21 PLUS" award by Natural Science Foundation of Korean Government. [Assistant Professor at NIT Rourkela]
  3. Devendra S. Gurjar, “Performance Analysis of Two-Way Relaying with MIMO and D2D Communications,” Jan. 02, 2014 - Oct. 14, 2017. Joined as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. [Assistant Professor at NIT Silchar]
  4. Satish K. Tiwari, “Estimation and Optimization of Design Parameters in Diffusive Molecular Nano-networks,” Jul. 23, 2014 - Jan. 07, 2019. Joined as Assistant Professor, IIIT Bhopal. Received Best PhD Thesis Award in IEEE Conference on Information and Communication Technology (IEEE CICT) 2019. [National Post-Doctoral Fellow, IISc Bangalore]
  5. Sourabh Solanki, “Performance Analysis of Cognitive Relay Networks Using Spectral- and Energy-Efficient Schemes,” Jul. 21, 2015 - Jun. 29, 2019. Joined as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Korea University, South Korea. Received the prestigious Brain Korea 21 (BK21) Fellowship by the National Research Foundation, Govt. of Korea. [Research Associate at University of Luxembourg]
  6. Vinay Bankey, “Performance Analysis of Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Networks over Generalized Fading Channels,” Dec. 28, 2015 - May 27, 2020. Received Visvesvaraya PhD Fellowship, MeitY. [Joined as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore]
  7. Vibhum Singh, "Performance Analysis of Cognitive Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Networks for Futuristic Wireless Communications," Jun. 27, 2017 - Oct. 25, 2021.  [Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Luxembourg]
  8. Pushpanjay Kumar Singh, “Heat Transfer Characteristics of Synthetic Jets using Different Waveforms,” working since Dec. 26, 2017 (Joint supervision with Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahu, IIT Indore).
  9. Chandan Kumar Singh, “Performance Analysis of Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems,” working since Dec.  26, 2018.
  10. Alok Kumar Shukla,“Energy Harvesting Techniques for Large-Scale Wireless Networks,” working since Jul. 8, 2019 under BRICS multilateral research project.
  11. Amit Kumar Naik, "Multiple Sinusoids Identification from Intermittently Missing Measurements of Superimposed Signals," working since Jul. 23, 2019 (Joint supervision with Dr. Abhinoy Kumar Singh, IIT Indore).
  12. Nemalidinne Siva Mouni, "Adaptive User Paring for Downlink NOMA System with Imperfect SIC," working since Aug. 05, 2019 (Joint supervision with Dr. Abhinav Kumar, IIT Hyderabad).

M.Tech/M.S(R) Students

  1. Shivakumar S. Patil, “Sub-band Coding and Multirate Processing for Speech Signal Compression,” 2007 [Scientist-C at ISRO, Bangalore].
  2. Sanjoy Paul, “Methodology for Enhancing VASs in Wireless Intelligent Networks,” 2012 [Telecom Officer at BSNL, Kolkata].
  3. Shubham Chamadia, “Optimization for Power Allocation and Relay Location in Asymmetric Two-Way Relay Networks,” 2012 [Joined PhD program at University at Buffalo, New York].
  4. Shimpee Seema, “Performance of two-way relay networks in the presence of interference,” 2012 [Joined as Lecturer in IP University].
  5. Sourabh Solanki, “Performance Analysis of Cognitive Opportunistic Relaying Under Multiple Primary Users' Interference Constraints,” 2015 [Joined PhD program at IIT Indore].
  6. Aanchal Agarwal, “Bit Error Rate Analysis of Molecular Communication via Diffusion,” 2016 [Joined as PGET, Secure Meter, Udaipur].
  7. Devendra Magraiya, “Higher-Order Statistics for Cognitive Radio Systems,” 2016  [Joined as Junior Telecom Officer at BSNL, Raipur].
  8. Ashish Kumar Meshram, “Impact of Nodes-Mobility and Imperfect Channel Estimations on Two-Way Relay Systems,” 2016  [Joined as Project Associate, 5G Testbed Lab, IISc Bangalore].
  9. Anish Kumar Singh, “Secrecy Performance of Multiple Relay Systems with Direct Link over Nakagami-m Fading,” 2017 [Joined as Deputy Engineer at BEL, Ghaziabad].
  10.  Ugrasen Singh, "Analysis and Design of Wireless Two-Way Relay Networks with Energy Harvesting," 2018 [Joined PhD program at IIT Delhi].
  11.  Jagdale Mohit Chandrakant, "Image Processing Applications for Integrated Steel Plants," 2020, Joint Supervisor (Tata Steel Limited)  [Joined Tata Steel Limited].
  12.  Ayush Dixit, "Optimizing Random Verification in Modem Sub-System using Machine Learning,"  2021, Joint Supervisor (Qualcomm)  [Granted PPO by Qualcomm].
  13. Kajal Yadav, "Secrecy Outage Analysis of Cognitive NOMA System with Control-Jamming," Ongoing (2022).
  14. Jonnalagadda Sharanya, "Spectrum Sharing and Energy Harvesting for IoT Networks," Ongoing (2022). [Got Placement for Design Engineer in NXP Semiconductor].
  15. Ratnesh Kumar, "Physical Layer Secrecy Analysis in Energy Harvested Cooperative Relaying Networks," M. S. (Research), Ongoing (2023).

B.Tech Students

  1. Aditya Nagori and Rohit Nitin Joshi, “Power Allocation in Wireless Bidirectional Relay Systems,” 2013.
  2. Chirag Bairwa and Siddharth Srivastava, “Scheduling Delay in Bidirectional Wireless Relay Communications,” 2013.
  3. Yugandhar Kamdi, Mukul Yadav, and Akhilesh Agnihotri, “Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms in LTE Systems,” 2014.
  4. Amit Prakash and Tushar Dudi, “Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio,” 2014.
  5. Santosh Thota, “Performance Analysis of LTE Systems,” 2014.
  6.  Ronshee Chawla, “Traffic-Aware Cooperative Communications with Network Coding,” May 2015. Recipient of President of India Gold Medal in 2015 batch. [Joined as  Ph.D. Student at California Institute of Technology-Caltech].  
  7.  M. Mounika Reddy, “Cooperative Spectrum Sharing using Analog Network Coding,” May 2015. [Joined as Graduate Student at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta].
  8. Putluri Kavya, “Online and Offline Matching of Relays with Cellular Users,” Dec. 2015, with Telecom ParisTech, France. [Joined as Graduate Student at University of California, San Diego].
  9. Ankitesh Kumar Singh, “Design of RFIC for Symbol Detection,” Dec. 2015, with Intel. [Joined as Graduate Student at University of California, San Diego].
  10. Gunjan Patil, “Performance Analysis and Optimization of Relay-Assisted Molecular Communication with Line Transmitter,” Dec. 2016. [Joined Graduate Student at University of California, San Diego].
  11. Jonaq Niveer Sarma, “Bidirectional Relaying Techniques in Diffusion Based Molecular Communication,” Dec. 2016. [Joined MS program at IIT Delhi, New Delhi].
  12. Tadi Ravi Teja Reddy, "Design and analysis of diffusion-based molecular communication systems," Dec. 2017. Received the award of 2017 Charpak Research Internship scholarship by French Government. [Joined MS program at University of California, Los Angeles].
  13.  Ashnil Vaitala and Dheeraj Kumar, "Resource Allocation and Network Planning for Green Communications," Dec. 2017. [Ashnil Vaitala has joined MBA program at IIM Lucknow].
  14. Aashish Bhole and Dhairya Punjabi, ''Energy Harvesting in Wireless Body Area Networks," Dec. 2018. [Aashish Bhole and Dhairya Punjabi have joined at GE India].
  15. Ampati Raja Vishwanath, "Performance of Molecular Communication Systems using Network Coding," Dec. 2018.
  16. Sreevatsank Kadaveru, "Improving Reliability of Multi-Cell MIMO Mission Critical Communication Systems using LDPC in 5G," Dec. 2019, with Telecom ParisTech, France.
  17. Ravi Shankar C.  and K. Sreejith, "Throughput Analysis for UAV-Enabled Energy Harvesting Relay System," Dec. 2019.
  18. Karan Kaushal and K. Chaitanya Sai, "Integrated Satellite-Aerial-Terrestrail Systems with UAV Relaying," May 2020.
  19. Shreyansh Thakur and Sarthak Chincholikar, "Time-Switching Cooperation with SWIPT in Wireless Body Area Networks," May 2020.
  20. Shivam Singh, "Performance Analysis of EH-based Coordinated Direct and Relay Transmission Network with NOMA: A Deep Learning Approach," May 2021.
  21. Dipesh, "Cognitive NOMA-Assisted IoT Network using SWIPT," May 2021.
  22. Muthoju Saketh, "Outage Performance Analysis of Downlink Integrated UAV-IRS Assisted NOMA Systems," May 2021.
  23. Boga Pawan, "Outage Performance of Cache-enabled UAV-NOMA Terrestrial Network using AF Relaying,"  May 2021.
  24. Eshaan Sachdeva and Lokesh Singla, "Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sharing Techniques," Ongoing (2022).
  25. Lokinder Singh and Kartikeya Sen, "Molecular Communication Applications to Crop Sciences," Ongoing (2022).
  26. Chirag Kothari and Arijit Giri, "Cache-aided SWIPT Systems," Ongoing (2022).